About Sex, Lies, and the Internet

After her husband, Art, passed away when she was 58, Helene soon discovered that she was lonely and she started to use online dating services when she was 60 years old.  After sharing her adventures with her friend, Irene, she decided to put into writing her experiences dating at this ancient age, and to tell the stories of the advances, love, and lies of the more than forty men she met.


2 responses to “About Sex, Lies, and the Internet

  1. Jo Ann

    Hello Helene’
    This is Jo Ann and I met you and George at the train station in May. I am writing to say thank you for the book. Since I have been in Maryland, my mail was delayed for over a month. I received it a few days ago.Of course, I couldn’t find your address. So, I decided to try this approach to reach you. I have read your first twenty-six experiences. Gee, is all I can say. I cheated and read about George too! I don’t know if I could do it. But, you did find a jewel at the end of all those unique experiences.
    I have been recommending the book to friends and sharing some of the stories with them. The book is a real eye opener. It is so sad that so many men lack the ability to engage in an honest, truthful relationship.
    I am still in Maryland planning to return home in a few days. Thanks again I am enjoy the book and plan to read and reread it so I have in my head. I never to forget what fish lie waiting for the fisher-woman.

  2. MaryAnn

    Hi Helene:
    I just read your book and was totally mesmerized. It’s amazing that all that could happen. I think this would make a great movie! I go to Marina Jacks once in a while so maybe I’ll see you around, Thanks for the great read.

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